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2018 Old Smokey

  • Description

    Old Smokey is back. After the unprecedented journey of the first version, we are delighted to release Old Smokey 2.0.

    Made with intent, this second version of our beloved bochet is just as robust as the first. Burnt honey, diluted with water was fermented and aged in bourbon barrels for three years, developing a unique balance of caramel and smoke. Think summer bonfires in your best friend's backyard and cozy winter evenings nestled up with your favourite book. Alternatively, pair with your cigar of choice. 

    Best served with a classic stilton or enjoyed on its own. Serve neat with a slight chill or over ice. Garnish with a marinated cherry or dehydrated orange slice.

    No sulphur added. Bottled unfined and unfiltered. Limited production of 2700 bottles.

    Enjoy up to 3 months after opening with proper storage conditions (avoiding sunlight and high temperatures, keep cool). Cellar up to 30 years if desired. 

    Alcohol: 19.5%
    RS: <2.0 g/L 

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Founded in 2003

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