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JUNE 2022
Available Friday to Monday, 12 to 5pm.

Oysters on the half shell  MP
Mignonette and lemon

Popcorn  $7
Salted honey buttered

Olives  $8

Duck Liver Parfait  $15
Puff pastry, Blue Moo triple crème & honeycomb

Wedge Salad  $13
Caesar dressing, Parm, greens & lemon
add: scallop ceviche  $12

Elk Tartare  $20
Lakeland elk leg, capers, Dijon & anchovy

Beets  $13
Radish, endive, lemon, capers and chevre

Pork Loin  $18
White wine poached w tonnato

Cheese board  $25
Aux Terroir select cheeses and accoutrement
Made with love by
Estate Chef Wesley Gendron