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NV Solera Mead

Aged in Solera, blended with meads made from honey harvested from 2014-2022. This blend was aged in 100% neutral French oak barriques.

Bottled unfined and unfiltered. 

Limited quantity of 820 bottles from this year's bottling.

Alcohol: 20.0%
RS: 88.5 g/L 

The Solera Mead was a project conceived in September 2016 after fall honey harvest. We wanted to make a mead from estate harvested honey each year, fortify it and blend it together to establish a base that told the story of each season of the farm.

On September 25, 2023, we bottled the very first batch after the oldest component was 7 years aged in barrel. Each year, we will continue to take a portion of the base for bottling, topped with a younger estate mead from the most recent harvest.

The intention is to maintain this solera in perpetuity, so that you may taste the evolution of this matured fortified sweet style for years to come.