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Why we choose to make wine the way we do at Rosewood is simply to eliminate egotistical variables in the winery that would detract from the expression of each season’s story. While the wine matrix is incredibly complex, the set of conditions to prepare, consider and react to in the vineyard are monumentally larger.
In the wine cellar at winter, we practice patience. Not in the sense of letting time pass and witnessing what happens, but more of an introspective behaviour of being open to possibility. I find it equal parts exciting and terrifying to revisit maturing wines that you’ve had to ignore during the care of the new harvest. 

Mead is the world’s oldest known form of alcoholic beverage. Commonly known as honeywine, it is made using three raw natural ingredients: honey, water, and yeast. Mead can be highly aromatic and complex and, much like grape-wine, is vintage and varietal specific. 

We’re excited to announce that we are now shipping Canada wide from our website. At this time we are offering complimentary shipping within Ontario with all 4+ bottle purchases.