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Rosewood’s story begins nearly 90 years ago when R.W. Roman’s passion for beekeeping and mead began as a teenager in West Ukraine. After arriving in Canada, he continued keeping bees with his son, Eugene Roman – Rosewood’s founder.

During this time, R.W. Roman dreamed of one day producing quality mead (honey wine) with his family. For five years - starting in 1967 - R.W. Roman applied for an Ontario honey winery license with the AGCO and was unfortunately never awarded the license. He abandoned his pursuit and continued to look after his bees with his family. Eugene saw how devastating and demoralizing this denial was on his father and vowed to one day pursue the honey wine license with him.

Years later, during Eugene & Renata’s honeymoon to Niagara-on-the-Lake, the two fell in love with the region for its natural beauty, people and wines. Here, the concept of Rosewood as a grape and honey winery began to really take hold, as Eugene promised his wife that one day they would build a winery together. Twenty years after this honeymoon promise and years of planning, they purchased the Beamsville property and began to re-pursue the Roman family dream of opening a honey winery.

The land was prepared for vine planting in 2003, the original winery building was constructed in 2005 and the bees were moved down from Nobleton (their original home since the mid ‘70s) shortly after this. Rosewood opened its cellar door and bottle shop in May 2008, presenting its first portfolio from the 2006 vintage. Since then, the team and the Roman family continue to innovate and follow their dreams.