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We will be hosting two events with all tickets sales (every dollar of the ticket) being donated to registered Canadian-Ukrainian charities- Help Us Help and Canada-Ukraine Foundation. Each ticket is $100. For anyone who cannot attend and still wants to purchase a ticket please contact us directly.

Our world has changed. Tougher sanctions imposed, YouTube live war streams, farmers now stealing tanks just to name a few. 

This situation is rapidly changing, and we must adapt as well.

Rosewood will be accepting donations until this Sunday, March 6th until 5pm (for now).

At this time, we kindly ask to focus donations on critical items: medical supplies, tents, blankets, sleeping bags/pads, military style boots. Full list above in the photo slide.

Rosewood’s story begins nearly 90 years ago when R.W. Roman’s passion for beekeeping and mead began as a teenager in West Ukraine. After arriving in Canada, he continued keeping bees with his son, Eugene Roman – Rosewood’s founder. 
Honeycomb is one of the world’s oldest natural delicious and nutritious treats, straight from the hive, unprocessed or touched by human hands. Its unique taste is a direct reflection of the local floral sources available to the honeybees.